Nothing is certain but death and taxes.

In the USA, you have to report the information about your income to the Internal Revenue Service and the state government. On the basis of this information, the amount of taxes will be determined. There comes the rub, because the specifications about what income has to be reported, what types of resources can be deducted, depreciated or amended are as numerous as they are confusing. John Galati Accountant offers tax accountant services in Philadelphia PA. We are real experts on all the tax laws and regulations. We are able to go through the entire information for you, helping you to pay the exact amount of taxes that are required and nothing more.

Tax accountant specialistAs a professional tax accountant and small businesses accounting specialist, John Galati Accountant in Philadelphia PA can provide you with specialized tax assistance 7 days a week, throughout the entire year. Before the beginning of the annual tax preparation season, we send a package to you with the documents that you need to fill out, so that we have the accurate information to proceed with your tax calculation process. We will keep the information with which you entrust us with in the strictest of confidence and will only use it in your best interest. We are loyal and honest, and we have have proven our abilities to deliver exceptional results.

Whenever you are entitled to a tax refund, we will help you get back the amount of tax you have overpaid. We will fill out the forms that are necessary for the return of your taxes. When you review and sign these forms, we will submit them for you. In case there are any changes regarding your income after the information has been submitted, we will do the necessary amendments and turn them over to the tax authorities.

If you are a business owner or do contract work, we are able to calculate the amount of taxes that have to be declared quarterly. You can count on our assistance to prepare for an audit.

Call John Galati Accountant in Philadelphia PA whenever you need a tax accountant at (215) 271-5000. We can either invite you to our office or we can come to yours.