Why Hire an Accountant? – Part 1

What a Tax Preparation Accountant Can Do for You

 It is our civic duty to ensure that the tax returns that we submit our free of material errors. There is only one way to achieve such thing. That would be to ask a tax preparation accountant to create accurate supporting documents. But what are these documents? Here they are:


  1. Statement of Comprehensive Income
  2. Statement of Financial Position
  3. Statement of Owner’s Equity
  4. Statement of Cash Flow

By hiring a seasoned tax preparation accountant, you free yourself from any possibility of submitting erroneous tax returns. When you are in Philadelphia, PA, there is no one better to help you than John S Galati Accountant. We offer our expertise in these matters because we know that the financial reports that accompany the tax return are a tad tedious to create. So why take the risk? Call us now at (215) 271-5000 for more information!

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